Rydal Penrhos School Sports Map

Address Rydal Penrhos School
Pwllycrochan Avenue
North Wales
LL29 7BT
Telephone 01492 530155
Fax -
Sport Map Legend
Main School

Lat: 53.29540, Long: -3.73348
Astro Turf
Full changing facilities, roadside parking.
Lat: 53.29473, Long: -3.73386
Blackburn's Piece
Junior cricket square and junior rugby pitch
Lat: 53.29729, Long: -3.73942
Brackley Playing Fields
Rugby pitches and artificial cricket wicket.
On road parking, no changing facilities.
Lat: 53.29752, Long: -3.73544
Dance Studio
Dance Studio with cushioned floor.
Also used for fencing training
Lat: 53.29448, Long: -3.73465
Eton Fives Courts
School fives courts
Lat: 53.29618, Long: -3.73471
Golf Centre
Golf training centre
Lat: 53.29447, Long: -3.73635
Indoor Tennis Centre
On site Parking
Lat: 53.29331, Long: -3.71573
Multi Use Games Area
Quicksticks Hockey
5 a side football
Lat: 53.29398, Long: -3.73512
New Field Pavilion
Senior rugby Pitches
Senior Cricket Pitch
Full changing and parking available
Lat: 53.29620, Long: -3.73873
Oak Drive Tennis and Netball Courts
Tennis and netball courts. Roadside parking.
Lat: 53.29552, Long: -3.74012
Performance Centre
State of the art weights room and CV suite
Lat: 53.29427, Long: -3.73447
Prep School Tennis and Netball Courts
Prep School Tennis and Netball courts. Roadside parking.
Lat: 53.29427, Long: -3.73672
Rydal Penrhos Boat Park
The school's fleet of boats and student's personal boats in secure storage.
Wash down facilities.
Lat: 53.30149, Long: -3.73440
Sports Hall and Dining Hall
Indoor netball and tennis. Weights room, dance studio, full changing and dining facilities. Roadside parking.
Lat: 53.29430, Long: -3.73434
Squash Courts
School Squash Courts
Lat: 53.29417, Long: -3.73537
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool inc diving facilities
Lat: 53.29418, Long: -3.73494
The Plateau
Rugby and Football pitches and Atlhletics Track in the summer.
Lat: 53.29389, Long: -3.73804